I am a dedicated football player whose professional journey has been significantly shaped by a profound appreciation for physiotherapy. Actively involved as a side-line sports physiotherapist for a football club, I have honed my skills in injury management and prevention, gaining a deep understanding of the pivotal role physiotherapy plays in optimising athletic performance. Beyond the field, I actively participate in various athletic endeavours, reflecting my broader passion for sports.

My commitment to physiotherapy is rooted in personal experiences, having personally benefited from the expertise of physiotherapists during my own injuries. This first-hand understanding propels my dedication to helping athletes achieve their peak physical well-being. Navigating the dynamic intersection of sports and physiotherapy, I bring a diverse skill set that includes exercise rehabilitation and proficiency in therapeutic techniques such as cupping, deep tissue massage, and manual therapy.

By leveraging these skills, my goal is to deliver the best possible health outcomes for high-performance athletes and weekend warriors alike while contributing to elevating performance and fostering a culture of holistic health within the sporting community.

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