From a young age I was encouraged to participate in sport and love a physical challenge.  My personal desire to improve my performance in many fields – sporting and academic – helps me to understand the mindset of elite athletes who are striving for success in their fields.

My father first introduced me to gym activities and that would lead me to becoming interested in developing expertise in the wider area of fitness, health and peak performance.

In 2006 I completed a series of courses at Netfit.  These included Core A&B, Fitness instructor and Personal trainer.

I went on from there to complete my strength and conditioning papers. After completing the course I undertook a private internship with Tony Boutagey from the Sydney sports performance. 

In 2011 I travelled to Phoenix Arizona (USA) to broaden my knowledge. I studied Biosignature modulation testing under Charles Poliquin

In 2014 I completed a Bachelor in health science (Physiotherapy) which allows me to combine both disciplines of training performance and Rehabilitation together enabling me to take an athlete from an injured state right through to peak performance.

In 2019 I started my Masters from the Auckland University of Technology University.

In 2023 I handed in my research to complete my Masters - waiting on my results and graduation.

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